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History Of Holy Trinity High School

Holy Trinity High School is a Roman Catholic institution located at 18 George Headley Drive (formerly Emerald Road) in Kingston Jamaica, next door to the world-famous Sabina Park. The school believes in the total development of the child in his/her academic, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social development.

The school was started by the Franciscan Sisters in the late 1940s under the name of Saint Anthony’s Senior School on West Street in Kingston. Later moved to Orange Street the Sisters of Mercy took over leadership of the school.

In 1953 the school was relocated to properties owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston at 18 Emerald Road (now George Headley Drive) and renamed after the Holy Trinity Cathedral on North Street in Kingston. The Ministry of Education which jointly administers the school along with the Catholic Church constructed what was then one of the most modern schools in Jamaica to accommodate the expanding population which was 750 students.

Between 1953 and 2000 the school experienced a number of name changes. Its former name, Saint Anthony’s, later changed to Holy Trinity Senior School and saw children graduating at 15 years old. As the population of the school continued to grow, in 1974 under the leadership of its second and by far the most famous principal, Sister Mary Philomena, the church acquired additional land and the Ministry of Education added three new blocks at which time the grade 10 and 11 programs were introduced.

In moving with the educational shift in the society at the time eleven (11) vocational subjects were added to the curriculum and the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination became the school-leaving examination. The school was awarded secondary status and was renamed Holy Trinity Secondary School. By the end of the 1970s, the school population grew to over two thousand. As a result of the rapid expansion in the school’s population, a dual shift system was introduced to alleviate overcrowding.

In 1995, keeping with the Ministry of Education school rationalization program, the school was upgraded to a Comprehensive High school and renamed Holy Trinity Comprehensive High school and saw the first batch of Common Entrance students being admitted. The school was once again upgraded in 2000 in keeping with the Ministry of Education policy to upgrade all Comprehensive High Schools to High Schools and renamed Holy Trinity High School under then principal Mrs. Monica Schroeter.

Throughout its lengthy and rich history, the school saw eight principals and thousands of pupils going through its gates who can be found in every industry around the world contributing positively to the human race. The school is known for its strong athletic program and served as a feeder school to most of the traditional high schools such as Saint Georges, Kingston College, Camperdown High, Dunoon High, and KingstonTechnical.

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