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 History of Holy Trinity Past student Associaton (International)

The group started with a few friends who wanted to gather together for a reunion. Several attempts were made in prior years but the events were always canceled due to the low responses. Carlene Moore was contacted a couple of times but her intention was only to help and not be in charge. Eventually, another classmate, Andrea Downer, was determined to have a reunion in Jamaica and wanted Carlene to head up the endeavor. Carlene misunderstood what she wanted her to do – she wanted her to head up the reunion for the Class of 1984 but instead, Carlene reached out to “all” past students through the Holy Trinity Facebook group asking who wanted to be on the committee. The responses were favorable and she began to get responses from other classes as well. 

The group held phone conferences on Tuesday nights. Eventually, some of the committee members thought it was too much for them so they withdrew from the committee but pledged their support.

Successfully, the committee organized its first Gala on November 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica. Approximately 100 past students who reside in Jamaica, Great Britain, the United States, and Canada attended the Gala.  

What started as a committee for the Gala eventually ballooned to an alumni committee. 

This committee felt that there were too many other small unofficial chapters so we decided to make it official and licensed the organization with its international headquarters based in Florida. 

The organization has since assisted with the sound-proofing of their music department. It's second Gala boast around 135 attendees. Through the proceeds from both Galas and other contributions, the alumni were able to donate over JA$200,000 in cash to the school that they used to boost their athletic department, Reading Enrichment Program, supported many other endeavors. But, this is just the beginning...

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